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Not only gourmet guided visits, discovering Portofino area

Anna will be available for you as a guide through the beauties of Portofino area, locally called Gulf of Tigullio, from the pre-roman inhabitants of these coasts. She will take you to discover traditions, craftmanship and architecture of this area.

One full day with Anna as your guide sightseeing will make your vacation more valuable and interesting.

One meal out in a traditional trattoria or a wine tasting session will be also included in the tour. For further infos and details please go to "book on line" or contact Anna directly

Guided gourmet and sightseeing visit to Genoa historical city centre

Enjoy Genoa historical city centre visiting old shops, beautiful  artistic sites and noble buildings, not missing the traditional street food tasting.

For those who prefer to go sightseeing off the beaten tracks and discover unusual panoramic views over the sea from the upper historical lanes of Genoa, Anna will take you through the characteristic Genoa "creuze" , touching the old city walls, up to the fortresses overlooking the whole city and its gulf. A final stop to a typical trattoria will be the best way to end the trip.

For further infos and details please go to "book on line" or contact Anna directly

Guided hiking through Portofino Natural park touching three monastries

Not all the hikers know about the history regarding the Portofino promontory, populated since the middle-age.

This area in fact, although still intact in its nature, has been looked after its corageus inhabitants along the centuries, either on the hill and along the coast, such as  monks, pour farmer families and fishermen. They left us a genuine patrimony we can still enjoy through the Portofino mountain old paths. Walking with Anna you will discover three medioeval monastries, old mills and more, also stopping for a pic-nic in a farm with local food. For further infos and details please go to "book on line" or contact Anna directly

A glance to the past

Looking for ancestors


If you are looking for more detailed information about one or more of your ancestors emigrated to your country from Genova and its province areas, Anna will be more than happy to help you in your research. Ask her to look for what you need to know or discover, she is already in the right area knowing the tricks where to enquire properly, avoiding you the nuisance of getting in touch with Italian pubblic offices or churches from a distance.

Write to her by e-mail providing whatever detail you already have and good luck . . .

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