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An  incredible sequence of events makes up the story of the German Jewish Mediterranean School at Villa Palme in Recco:

an extraordinary legacy for today time. This is a story about a man who fighted for his dream of peace and justice against racism and discrimination, which is incredibly topical in these days when religion and race conflicts are disrupting the living together. It is also an extraordinary example of hospitality and brotherhood, just now that millions of refugees are running away from their homeland looking for a better future. Finally, it is an extraordinary example of resilience and hope for the future that should be always pursued even when times become difficult.

In 2009, Maria Pia (Mapy) Abbracchio and Angelo Reggiani, two neuroscientists, moved to Recco, a small coastal town east of Genova. They bought an apartment in a nice and charming building called Villa Palme. They liked the original New Age style of the villa, its colors, the solemnity of the property, the beautiful view over the shining Ligurian Sea. Since the first day the couple felt that there was something special about  that building but they could not say what it was. They did not know yet that this was only the beginning of an extraordinary adventure.

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