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cooking experience

Savory Cooking workshops in Anna’s kitchen
Have an enlightening experience about the Italian cuisine from this area

of Liguria, locally called Tigullio Gulf,  but more popular worldwide under the name of “Portofino area”.
Led by Anna, an expert in Italian food, you will attend a tailor-made cooking workshop while enjoying a relaxed atmosphere as at home.
Anna speaks fluent English and French and she is glad to share her kitchen and place with you.

You will be introduced to the secrets of simple but savory Italian cuisine while you prepare the typical Ligurian dishes yourself. Each workshop

will last from 3 to 4 hours, either in the morning or in the afternoon, depending on the menu and the specific requests of the participants.
Every workshop will end by enjoying a tasting session or a real meal together with wine included. The meal will be based on the dishes prepared under the friendly guidance of Anna the cook and enjoyed on her flowery  terraced garden overlooking the gulf.
Group sizes accepted from 2 to 8 people.

Pick up the menu more inspiring for you and contact Anna to book your cooking session and meal

Magnificent Tigullio

Romantic Getaway

(3 days 2 nights packet)


Anna will welcome small group travelers (2 to 4 people) and accommodate them in local charming B&Bs she cooperates with. She will offer a double bedroom for two nights and a cooking session with a final meal to enjoy together.  Half a day cultural and gourmet visit to Chiavari or Lavagnna city centre and a dinner out in Anna's company will complete this packet. Anna speaks fluent English and she is glad to share her kitchen with you. Also through Anna’s expert guidance you will learn a lot about the Ligurian cooking, traditions and places to visit. Anna’s cozy garden with a stunning view over the gulf will make your experience unforgettable


Pick up the menu more inspiring for you and contact Anna to book your stay and cooking session

Magnificent Tigullio

Cooking, culture & traditions in Portofino area

(4 days 3 nights packet)


Enjoy a delectable culinary vacation along the Ligurian Riviera while learning the secrets of its local cuisine.

Small groups from 2 to 5 people can be accommodated in local B&B or Agriturismo, selected by Anna. During their stay the guests can enjoy one full day with Anna being their private guide, while visiting the beauties around Tigullio Gulf, with a wine tasting break in a local wine shop and a street food stop in a typical trattoria. The next day the guests will attend a cooking workshop in Anna’s private kitchen with final full meal based on the dishes prepared during the cooking session.

Pick up the menu more inspiring for you and contact Anna to book your stay and cooking session

Magnificent Tigullio

Traditional cooking and gourmet vacation

(6 days 5 nights packet)


Anna is pleased to welcome you to this part of Liguria, and offer tailor-made vacation stays, specifically arranged for those who love good food, cooking and culinary traditions.

You will be accommodated for 5 nights in typical B&B or Agriturismo in the hilly area overlooking the gulf. You will also be taught the art of the local cuisine and led to experience this region through wine tastings, typical restaurants, and guided trips. Anna will be also the cook for one or more cooking workshops on your request. Enquire at Anna for the best schedule for your stay, she will spoil you guiding you around while  food tasting and sightseeing.

Pick up the menu more inspiring for you and contact Anna to book your stay and cooking session

Pick up your favourite menu

for your cooking workshop

Spring menus

1) Ligurian Lasagne with Pesto sauce,  Pasqualina pie, Prescinseua cup

2) Ligurian Green noodles with 

Pine nut sauce,

Rabbit casserole Ligurian style, 

Hazelnuts Cake

3) Reginette soup with eggs,

Asparagus tart,  Sweet fried milk dessert


Summer menus

1) Ligurian Pansotti with walnuts sauce, Baked stuffed vegetables Ligurian style, Paciugo cup dessert

2) Ligurian Farinata (cheakpeas focaccia), Lemon soaked anchovies,  Octopus and potatoes salad, Stuffed baked peaches 

3) Ligurian summer salad (Condiggiun), Ciupin (Ligurian seafood soup),  Sacripantina semifreddo dessert

Autumn menus

1) Ligurian Corzetti with Pine nuts  sauce, Stuffed cabbage heads,

Peaches and Amaretti cake

2) Gnocchi with pesto sauce,

Tomaxelle with tomato sauce (meat rolls),

Castagnaccio (Ligurian chestnut cake)

3) Chestnut noodles with mushroom sauce, Stuffed squids in tomato sauce,  Amaretti biscuits.


Winter menus


1) Cuculli e friscieu (Mixed fritters), Ligurian Cima, Caporali bisquits with Limoncello cream

2) Home made Ligurian Cheese focaccia Recco style, Stuffed “Gaggette”,

Pinolata cake

3) Ravioli with “tucco” sauce,

Baked Stuffed lettuce,  Chiavari cake

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