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A touch of Italian cuisine, culture and hospitality

some ideas through our offers

Guided Hikings with food and wine tasting along the way through Tigullio Gulf hilly countryside


Take advantage of Anna’s cooking workshops in her private kitchen. A chance for a real cooking experience on the Ligurian tradition. The dishes  you will prepare with Anna’s guide are the most genuine from this part of Liguria, based on local and fresh food. Three hours cooking session and a multiple courses meal enjoyed all together  are waiting for you. Also parents with children from 8 years of age are welcome


If you are a group renting a holiday accommodation, and you prefer to have Anna in your kitchen cooking with you Ligurian style, feel free to invite her over for your class and meal together.

At the table at VillaPaggi

Cooking classes for bigger groups

Anna is pleased to welcome also big groups, from 10 to 15 people, and teach the participants her Ligurian dishes. She can select wide, comfortable and panoramic locations in the area such as villas or  characteristics agriturismi and she will be able to provide professional but informal events based on a savoury cooking session followed by a full meal enjoyed all together.

One full or half day in Anna’s company touring the Tigullio Gulf area, visiting interesting places off the beaten tracks, craft factories and enjoying local food and wine. Enquire for a tailor-made tour, Anna will be glad to be your guide

Welcome to this corner of Liguria east of Genoa, delimited  by its gulf called Tigullio, displaiyng a spectacular coast line including Portofino, with its popular bay and mountain, and bearing an attractive inland area with a very interesting history so rich in culture and traditions. Discover all about it through Anna's guide and offers.

This is an extract of Anna’s recipes collection, proudly put together following her own cooking experience, local stories and tips.

You will  be entitled to get one free copy of the entire book as participant of a cooking session with Anna , or contact her to get a paying copy at the price of 10 euros

Thanks to Zosja band for the soundtrack of my video above -  title of the song : Sound about the sun

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